About us

We are a passionate, and growing group of individuals who believe we can make a substantial difference in the way we look at, and harness the natural energy surrounding us. The founders of GWFT all hail from different walks of life and professions, bringing to the design table their best insights and expertise to bring to life the TCSC.

Our Vision

The almost limitless supply of fluid energies on our oceans and rivers is powered by the sun, is totally sustainable, renewable, Green House Gas (GHG) emissions-free, and cries out to be harvested by a viable technology.

The vision, at GWFT Inc, is that this unique and proprietary technology, and its further patent enhancements, will provide the key to the viable capture of this bountiful but elusive energy. Providing Electricity, Hydrogen via electrolysis, and Potable Water via Reverse Osmosis are a few of the options. The ocean’s exuberance should not be viewed as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity. The limitless supply of ocean energy off Canada’s three shores will support the hydrogen economy, and lead society away from its dependence on hydrocarbons.