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Go With the Flow Tech will soon be seen in local rivers & ocean currents providing local green power

What’s the ROI?

Find out how for the 1st time green energy can bring an attractive ROI without compromise.
Early adopter rates are in effect – get in while it’s cheap!

More than $3,400,000 in diesel fuel is burned every year in BC to power small communities!

3,117,100 litres a year burned creating electricity in remote regions of BC alone. At average street costs of $1.10 p/ltr (much higher in northern regions) plus delivery costs in most places.


Many BC remote communities that have significant rivers or tidal currents nearby, are currently spending in excess of $1,000,000 a year on diesel fuel to generate electricity. The TCSC  generates from 250kw of power each, capable of a complete replacement of energy saving millions of dollars per community!

The TCSC Crawler

The evolution of power generation from ocean & river currents…

What difference can one person make in changing the world we live in?

It is always amazing studying history and the people that were instrumental in shaping it. They all had one thing in common and that was they asked themselves the question…

“What difference can one person make in changing the world we live in?”

Dare to ask yourself the question, and begin the journey… the world is waiting!

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